The D.C. Bankruptcy & Consumer Information Center

Financial counseling services are cheaper than you think and are the first step to financial security.

The legal system and bankruptcy courts want to make sure that you succeed in the American dream.  In order to do that, the court requires that you complete two courses, which only take a few hours and can be completed online.  The first course is called a Credit Counseling Course and must be taken prior to filing for bankruptcy.  This basically will tell you about other options.  The second course is called a Debtor Education Course and must be taken after your attorney files for bankruptcy.  Don't worry, you won't be graded on your performance and its not difficult.  It is more educational in nature and a way to double check to make sure that you are ready for bankruptcy and the road to recovery.  In fact, after you get your debt discharged, the financial tools can really help keep you on track.  For more information on accredited courses online, please CONTACT US and we can get you started.