STEP 3:  The Bankruptcy Process

So you've decided that you want to file for bankruptcy to protect your family's financial future? 

Well, its easier than you think! 

First, if you met the Means Based Test, move to STEP 4 (Contact Us).  You can email or call us directly and we can schedule a free consultation to make sure this is best for your situation. 

Second, you'll need to start doing some work.  Before you meet with us, we will give you a "ASSET FORM."  Its a long but simple form -- not something you need to be scared about.  Its going to ask you to list everything you own and all of your debts.  Trust me, its a sobering look, but if you don't face it, the court cannot protect you.  But its easier than you think. 

Third, after you fill out all the entire Asset Form, that's where your lawyer will really help you.  Bankruptcy law is very complicated.  The law is written to protect creditors at every turn so if someone wants to file a case by themselves, good luck!  If you mess up, it can cost you dearly.  The lawyer you work with will take your information, fill out all of the legal papers and court forms and file them for you.  Your lawyer will walk you through the process as often as necessary to keep you informed about your case and the process.  Your lawyer will be with you at the meeting with the Bankruptcy Trustee and will be there to answer questions and assist you.  And, after this meeting, your lawyer will help with other necessary functions. 

Fourth, consider yourself lucky.  Bankruptcy is a process that takes brave people who are willing to decide that enough is enough, and your reward is a fresh start without the crushing debt.  Medical bills - gone.  Credit card bills - gone.  If you didn't have that debt, where would you see yourself?  How would that make you feel?